Source close to Rob Gronkowski says 40% chance he unretires, per report

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s not quite 50/50, but someone close to Rob Gronkowski thinks that there is a 40% chance the star returns to the NFL in 2019 after retiring.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk shared this source’s point of view on Tuesday.

Gronkowski recently made headlines over a couple of pictures that seemed to make him look outright skinny. However, he quickly set the record straight and said he’s still at 250 pounds, which is less than 20 pounds from his playing weight. So, if he did get the itch to play he’d have little trouble packing on some more muscle.

Since then, he’s also triggered plenty of speculation that he could be coming back after working out with former teammate Tom Brady. After that session, Gronk himself said “it was great!

Still just 30 years young, Gronkowski could easily make a return if the itch to play outweighs any injury concerns he may have. He was still one of the best tight ends in the league last year, despite some rough stretches due to injury.

Further bolstering the notion that Gronk could come back this year is the idea that Brady himself could lure his buddy back to work. Brady has already made it clear that he wants to throw more touchdown passes to his long-time partner in crime. And if the Patriots struggle offensively we’d expect him to make a big push later this year.