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Sour puss former GM goes on epic rant about Rangers winning the draft lottery

Anthony Scultore
NHL Draft Lottery Alexis Lafreniere
NHL Draft Lottery Alexis Lafreniere (Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images)

In all the hype over the Rangers selecting Alexis Lafreniere, this one flew under some people’s radar. Former NHL GM and now TV analyst, Brian Burke went off on the Blueshirts and the lottery.

Brian Burke RANTS about Rangers

On a recent draft day preview show, Burke was asked to comment on the masterful job that Jeff Gorton has done rebuilding the Rangers. What ensued was a whining rant for the ages.

“Oh yeah my old job! Win the draft lottery twice, move up four times once and eleven times this time!” Brian Burke sarcastically added, “Yeah, that’s a great job.”

The sour former GM did give the Rangers some credit but he called on the NHL to fix the draft lottery.

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