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SOCIAL MEDIA: Raider Nation Reacts to Loss in Buffalo

Scott Gulbransen
Raider Nation Oakland Raiders Las Vegas Raiders Report

There’s no doubting Raider Nation is the most passionate fan base in all of football. Today’s loss in Buffalo meant the Nation was going nuts in social media at the probable loss of any chance for the Raiders to make the playoffs.

After the elation of the Thursday Night Football win against Kansas City last week, Raider Nation is in all-out meltdown mode yet again with the Raiders latest disappointing performance in Buffalo.

Despite a lack of execution on offense, fans seem to return to their favorite scapegoat – the Raiders coaching staff. Never mind the big turnovers by the Oakland players on the field, instead, all the anger and angst over the disappointing 2017 season is focused primarily in that area. Here’s some of what Raider Nation had to say:



Still, other fans were focused on the bigger issue vs. the Bills:

And then this just cheered us up…if even for a few minutes.