Six trades we could see during 2019 NBA Draft

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Anthony Davis blockbuster trade this weekend got us thinking. With just a few days remaining until the NBA Draft, the expectation is that more trades will happen here soon.

Some of these moves won’t go down until the draft kicks off in New York City on Thursday. From the Pelicans finding another All-Star to replace Davis to other teams using cap space for more draft assets, here’s a look at six NBA trades we could see during the draft.

Wizards trade Bradley Beal to the Pelicans

Now that the Pelicans have picked up three additional first-round picks from the Lakers in the Anthony Davis trade, they have all the necessary assets to add someone of Beal’s ilk. While Washington might be pushing back against the idea of moving the All-Star, it could be in the team’s best interest. Start anew in 2019-20 while waiting for John Wall to return.

Under this scenario, Washington would add the fourth overall pick (from Los Angeles) as well as a future first-round selection. It would have to take on E’Twaun Moore and Solomon Hill’s contracts to make a deal work. Maybe Lonzo Ball is thrown in. The Wizards could either ride him next season with Wall sidelined or trade him for other assets.

Heat trade Dion Waiters and first-round pick to the Hawks

Atlanta picked up a third first-round pick by taking on Allen Crabbe’s contract from the Brooklyn Nets. Despite that move, general manager Travis Schlenk and Co. still have ample cap room to double down during Thursday’s NBA Draft.

Waiters is owed nearly $25 million over the next two seasons. If Miami wants to be players in free agency, it will have to move this contract as well as one of Goran Dragic and Hassan Whiteside. Selling off the 13th pick and getting one of the Hawks early second-round selections would be worth it for Pat Riley and Co.

Hawks trade eighth and 10th picks to Wizard for fourth pick

Flush it’s four first-round picks after the above-mentioned trade with the Heat, Atlanta can afford to move a couple picks in a trade-up scenario for a potential future star. This scenario also enables Washington to add a second top-10 pick in a separate deal after acquiring the No. 4 overall pick from New Orleans. More building blocks for the organization.

In turn, Atlanta could find a guard to team up with Trae Young at No. 4. Texas Tech’s Jarrett Culver would be the selection here.

Rockets trade Eric Gordon to the Thunder

It remains to be seen if the Rockets are going to change up their off-season plans after the injures we saw Golden State suffer in the NBA Finals. It had previously been a foregone conclusion that Houston wanted to re-brand itself in order to compete with Golden State.

If that is still the case, moving Eric Gordon seems to be the likeliest scenario. He’s still in his prime and is playing under a team-friendly contract. This scenario includes Oklahoma City sending Andre Roberson, Nerlens Noel and its first-round pick (21st overall) to Houston. Best of both words for each team.

Celtics trade 14th and 20th picks to the Suns for sixth pick

There’s no way Boston is going to use all three first-round picks. It just doesn’t have the roster space available to bring in three rookies. The team is also between a rock and a hard place after losing out on Anthony Davis and with Kyrie Irving set leave in free agency. Adding a top-six pick would make up for some of it. The Celtics could also potentially use this pick down the road to acquire another All-Star-caliber player.

For the Suns, this move would be two-fold. They need more talent to team up with Devin Booker and Deandre Ayton. They are also in the market for a veteran point guard. Adding an additional first-round pick could loom large.

Suns trade 20th pick to the Knicks for Frank Ntilikina

As noted above, the Suns want a point guard to team up with Devin Booker. By adding a second first-round selection in the above-mentioned trade, Phoenix would technically pick up a former lottery pick in Ntilikina for a move down eight spots. It could then potentially add another point guard with the 14th selection.

For the Knicks, moving on from Ntilikina has been in the cards for some time now. He simply has not panned out in the Big Apple. Being able to move him for a first-round pick would seem to be a steal.