Sidney Rice is Having the Best Retirement Ever

In July, wide receiver Sidney Rice announced his retirement after seven injury-plagued NFL seasons, four with the Vikings and three with the Seahawks. A disappointing end to what was once such a promising career.

Although it was shocking to see someone walk away from the game at such a young age, in retrospect it wasn’t entirely surprising, given the trajectory of the 27-year-old’s career. Rice had a breakout 1,300+ yard season in 2009, offensive production he never came close to duplicating.

Over his last four seasons, Rice missed 25 games, the circumstances of which factored heavily in his decision to retire.

“I was just thinking about things I’ve been through in the last few years,” said Rice via press release. “I’ve hit the ground a number of times. I have quite a few injuries. It’s something I’ve always battled through and came back from. But I just figure at this point I have the rest of my life ahead of me and I want to be able to function and do things later down the road.”

According to the press release, Rice is a budding restauranteur, having already opened a restaurant in Tacoma with plans to open four more. He’s also “dabbling in the tech world by developing apps and establishing Fresh Healthy Vending,” which aims to provide healthier alternatives for vending machines in schools.

Rice left the game as a man with a plan, and so far it looks like the plan has been panning out—at least judging by his Instagram page. Since winning the Super Bowl in February, Rice’s life has been a dizzying array of famous faces and beautiful places.

Seriously, the views from Rice’s home are so stunning they could fill an entire postcard stand at a Seattle souvenir shop. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s take a look at the many ways in which Rice is winning at retirement. Be prepared to be jealous.


Even before winning the Super Bowl, Rice’s year started out pretty awesome when Marshawn Lynch let him drive his Lamborghini Aventador. Considering Beast Mode uses velvet ropes to protect his car when parking on city streets, he probably doesn’t grant joyride permission very often.


No clue where this was taken, but it’s where Rice spent the first few weeks of his offseason.


The glorious view from Rice’s bed—at home. So basically every day is like waking up on the best vacation you’ve ever had.




Meeting the President.


Clubbing with Richard Sherman.


Visiting Rome.


Lounging on the water.


Boozing on the water.


Driving on the water.


Playing charity softball with Kobe Bryant.


Showing off some new jewelry.


Enjoying the view.


Running the waves.




Hanging with old friends.



And now he’s apparently in Dubai!

So yeah…just in case you were wondering…Sidney Rice is having the best retirement ever.

Photo: USA Today