Should we be alarmed at how often the Patriots are winning coin tosses?

By Jesse Reed

Adding fuel to the NFL conspiracy theorists who believe everything the New England Patriots do is touched by the team’s penchant for cheating (allegedly), Bill Belichick’s team is winning coin tosses at an unbelievable rate.

The team has won 19 of the last 25 coin-tosses, which is seriously not supposed to be possible.

According to CBS Sports, “the probability of winning it at least 19 out of 25 times is 0.0073 — less than three-quarters of one percent!” It’s worth noting the Patriots almost always defer, allowing the opposing team to give it a shot on offense first.

The big question we have is this: Is there any reason to think the Patriots are somehow cheating to gain an advantage?

Fred Toucher and Rich Schertenlieb, radio hosts in Boston for the show “Toucher and Rich,” have some creative ideas about how the Pats could pull off such a crazy feat.

“Maybe [Robert] Kraft smooches the coin beforehand, and then it’s weighted on one side,” Toucher said, via CBS Boston.

“What you don’t know” Rich Shertenlieb said, “is that right next to Ernie Adams is Criss Angel, the mind freak. And what he does, they have an in-house magician. It’s Doug Henning. Maybe Ernie Adams is actually Doug Henning, and he’s just older now.”

Both are compelling theories, but we’re betting they just won’t hold water when put to the test, should the NFL decide to look into this perplexing trend.

In the end, New England’s ability to continue winning coin tosses will likely not be investigated, much to the chagrin of Patriots-haters everywhere.