Sheldon Richardson upset Brandon Marshall spoke about locker room fight

Sheldon Richardson and Brandon Marshall got into a heated verbal spat after losing to the Kansas City Chiefs back on September 25. The fight was first reported by ESPN a few days ago, and Richardson isn’t happy Marshall has been open with the press about the incident.

When asked about the dust-up between himself and Marshall, the New York Jets defensive lineman retorted, “Weeks ago, bro.”

“That’s Brandon, bro,” Richardson said, per NJ Advanced Media. “I’ve got nothing to talk about on that note. It’s locker room business. That’s what it’s supposed to be.”

As for Marshall, he’s quite happy with himself these days, despite having gotten into it with Richardson and despite the team’s 1-5 start.

“I’m growing, man,” Marshall told NJ Advance Media on Friday. “I’m growing as an individual. Obviously, it hasn’t been perfect. But through adversity, character is built. I’m not saying I’ve been perfect throughout it, because it’s really difficult to handle.

“But that’s one of the positives from this start is, I love how I’m maturing and handling things better than I have in the past, when you’re in a losing locker room or when adversity hits. That’s been one of the things I’ve really focused on. I’ve got to continue to grow.”

Marshall also said with so many “alpha males in one room” it can be hard to communicate after disappointing losses.

One of the things that has changed over the years is how much information the press is privy to when it comes to what happens inside teams’ locker rooms. It’s easy to understand where Richardson is coming from, wanting what happens inside the locker room to stay inside the locker room.

On the other hand a guy like Marshall, who is involved in the media, is going to feel comfortable talking about issues that obviously rub others the wrong way.

The Jets are in a downward spiral. Things are so bad that Ryan Fitzpatrick, who threw 11 interceptions in six games, was replaced by Geno Smith.

It could get a lot worse for Gang Green in the coming weeks. It’s going to be interesting to see how all the “alpha males” inside the locker room handle things from here on out.