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Second-grade Eagles fan pens heartfelt letter to Alshon Jeffery

Rachel Wold

It is going to take a long time for Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery to get over losing the ball that landed in the hands of Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore. This error ultimately cost the Eagles their last chance at advancing to the NFC Championship Game.

Some people have been pretty rough on Jeffery since the botched play. Though, one person has come out of the woodwork to pour out her support to Jeffery. She just happens to be a second-grade girl.

This letter should melt your heart.

For a youngster, these are some pretty amazing words of encouragement. Hopefully this letter will put a smile on Jeffery’s face when he sees it.

It would appear Jeffery and the Eagles have fans for life in that of Abigail and her whole family.

This letter also goes to show us all that there are far more important things in life to cherish other than football. Nobody is perfect.