Seahawks’ Jarran Reed with vicious trash talk about 49ers … after loss

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It’s easy to surmise that Seattle Seahawks defensive lineman Jarran Reed is taking Sunday’s overtime loss to the San Francisco 49ers a bit hard.

Reed appeared on the “Cliff and Puck” show Monday and had some disparaging comments to share about the team that just handed his Seahawks a huge loss.

“I don’t think they could smell our jock-straps if you ask me,” Reed said (h/t David Fucillo of Niners Nation). I don’t think they’re that good of a team. Just personally speaking in my opinion. But we shot our own selves in the foot. I mean, they scored what, one legit touchdown? And that was it.”

It’s somewhat understandable that a Seahawks player would feel this way about a team that had previously lost to Seattle the past 10 times the two NFC West rivals faced off. But the honest truth is the 49ers did plenty to win Sunday’s game, even if Seattle did plenty to shoot itself in the foot.

Also, Reed should be looking at himself and his defensive teammates in the mirror. They allowed a third-string quarterback — formerly undrafted free agent Nick Mullens — to lead an offensive attack that racked up 20 first downs and 351 total yards, averaging 6.1 yards per play.

Talking trash after a loss is never a good look.

And don’t for a moment think the 49ers aren’t taking notes for some potent bulletin-board material next year, when the teams should be even more evenly matched.