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Scottie Pippen: Phil Jackson the main problem with Knicks

Michael Dixon
Phil Jackson

Why are the New York Knicks so terrible? Well, there are plenty of reasons for that. But according to Scottie Pippen, the main problem is team president Phil Jackson.

This isn’t exactly a fresh take. Plenty of people are blaming Jackson for the team’s struggles, and rightfully so. Still, it’s unusual to hear Pippen, who enjoyed so much success as a player with Jackson as his coach, saying it.

In truth, Pippen is right, but only to a degree. Jackson has put the Knicks together. He wasn’t the man who originally brought Carmelo Anthony to New York, but he did decide to not only keep him, but give him a no-trade clause.

But in reality, Jackson isn’t the only one who needs to be jettisoned from the organization — Carmelo needs to go, as well.

When this season ends, the first thing the Knicks should do is fire Phil Jackson. To that end, Pippen is correct. But the first order of business for the person who replaces Jackson should be to find a trade deal that Anthony will accept and make the deal happen.

Jackson is New York’s No. 1 problem, but Carmelo can’t be exonerated. When opening night for the 2017-18 season rolls around, the best thing for the Knicks would be to have neither man on the payroll.