Scott Boras: Bryce Harper would be ‘perfect fit’ in San Francisco

Russell Lansford-USA TODAY Sports

The free agency of Bryce Harper is only just beginning. But his agent, Scott Boras, seems to like the possibility of Harper playing for the San Francisco Giants.

Boras was asked whether the Giants would be a good fit for his client.

“I’ll let them tell you that,” Boras said, per John Shea of the San Francisco Chronicle.
“Certainly, Bryce is a perfect fit in a lot of cities, and San Francisco would be one of them. … I think he likes the absolute feel of the ballpark and the fans. … It’s a great fan base. You know you’re at a ballgame, and he loves the enthusiasm and their success.”

With any agent, especially Boras, the possibility always exists that he’s making these comments solely in an effort to drive the price up. But with Harper and the Giants, the interest feels more genuine.

San Francisco has long been reported as a team that would pursue Harper. The fact that the Giants have suffered through consecutive losing seasons only makes a splash more likely. That was the case even before San Francisco hired Farhan Zaidi as the President of Baseball Operations. His hiring doesn’t do anything to make signing Harper less likely.

At the 2018 trade deadline, the Los Angeles Dodgers reportedly tried to acquire Harper for Yasiel Puig. That’s noteworthy, of course, as Zaidi was then the general manager in Los Angeles at the time.

So, the interest between Harper and San Francisco is not one way. It seems pretty mutual.