Saquon Barkley intends to invest salary, live solely off endorsements

It is always fun to learn what NFL rookies plan to spend money on once they ink their first official pro contracts. On the opposite side of splurging for new cars and such, New York Giants rookie running back Saquon Barkley is planning to invest his salary.

He is taking the approach that some NFL players, such as Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch have done, which is live off of endorsements.

Barkley was fortunate enough to become endorsed by NIKE, who welcomed him aboard prior to the 2018 NFL Draft.  So, that company (and others) will help Barkley with his bills, while he plans to invest his average $7.8 million annual salary. If invested wisely, Barkley could reap some pretty awesome dividends.

Barkley was selected second overall by the Giants, which was something many had mentioned as a distinct possibility. The former Penn State product will have a major impact on offense from Day 1 after piling up 5,038 yards and 51 touchdowns during his three-year college career.

This look into Barkley’s financial planning suggests he also has a wise mind when it comes to his future.