San Francisco Giants remake ‘Full House’ intro, best thing you’ll see all day

By Jesse Reed

Anyone who grew up in the 1990s and didn’t live in a cabin in the woods had a special treat every weekday afternoon when the beloved cast of “Full House” arrived on their television screens.

The San Francisco Giants recaptured the legendary show’s magic with an amazing recreation of the intro—”Full Clubhouse” is the best thing you’ll watch all day.

Watch as Brandon Crawford opens as “Uncle Jesse,” strumming away on his guitar.

Hunter Pence is Danny Tanner, polishing his bat, rather than Tanner’s car. Matt Duffy is Joey Gladstone, who takes his glasses off and smiles. Jeremy Affeldt and manager Bruce Bochy play the roles of the older girls, setting pictures in place and then turning to smile. Javier Lopez tosses a frisbee, a la Stephanie Tanner, then Joe Panik takes the spot of the twins, sitting in his chair.

The real kicker is when Dave Colier, who played Joey Gladstone, bursts onto the screen towards the end of the hilarious video to do an impersonation of Popeye before finishing with his famous, “Cut. It. Out.” gag.

Seriously, watch this and then head to YouTube and watch the original. The Giants recreated the entire thing about as perfectly as anyone could fathom. The bit was put together to promote the special event “Full Clubhouse,” which honors “Full House” on September 30.