Sam Bradford: “I wanted to be out there”

By David Kenyon

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford expected to make his team debut on Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts, but head coach Chip Kelly—as per the usual—had a different idea.

Unsurprisingly, Bradford wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of sitting out. According to ESPN’s Phil Sheridan, the gunslinger said:

“Obviously, I wanted to be out there. I was preparing to be out there.”

Bradford has sustained a season-ending knee injury in each of the last two seasons, but he said that a blemished injury history wasn’t the motive behind Kelly’s decision.

“This morning, he sat down and explained it to me. That’s up to him. I’ll be ready to roll next week out there against the Ravens. … This has nothing to do with the knee. I think this was his plan from the beginning.”

Kelly and the Eagles could use the injury excuse as a means to justify easing Bradford into the preseason, but that’s not necessary. Before conspiracy theorists begin shouting, consider that starting quarterbacks resting during Week 1 of the preseason is not rare.

Additionally, as Bradford acknowledged, it’s not like he’s missing out on “four quarters” of game action or “75 reps.”

Bradford will make his Philadelphia debut against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday, Aug. 22, at 7 p.m. NFL Network will broadcast what will surely be a closely followed matchup.