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Saints join NFL in opposing fan’s ‘no-call’ lawsuit

Jesse Reed
Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

A disgruntled New Orleans Saints fan has filed a lawsuit against the NFL for the infamous no-call during the NFC Championship Game against the Los Angeles Rams.

The NFL is opposing the lawsuit, which has been filed by Saints fan and attorney Tony Lemon. And now the Saints are set to join the league in opposition.

In a statement shared by ESPN, the Saints made it clear that they appreciate the support of the fans but believe it’s time to put the past behind them.

“In no way do we not appreciate the support,” the statement read. “However, we also need to be mindful not to open a virtual Pandora’s box that allows courts and judges to either affirm or reaffirm contests played on the field. Mrs. (Gayle) Benson and Coach (Sean) Payton have worked diligently this offseason through the proper channels at the league level to address these concerns.”

Recently, a judge ruled in favor of the fan after the NFL asked for the lawsuit to be rejected by the court. So, whether the NFL and the Saints want to or not, it appears this is going to continue going forward.