Saints Adding “Wrinkles” to Free Up Jimmy Graham

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham is a beast to control on the field, especially when it comes to their NFC South rivals, the Atlanta Falcons. Therefore, the team is working on some new strategies when it comes to making sure Graham stays open to catch passes from Drew Brees.

Knowing Graham’s level of dominance, it is rumored that the Falcons might try the New England Patriots‘ technique of covering Graham heavily with a corner jamming him up in every play. Graham had this to comment to ESPN on what coach Sean Payton may be planning to counteract (h/t

Sean’s great with that in the offseason. Always does something new, implements new wrinkles.

Further, Graham weighed in on how he was covered by the Patriots last year..

I wouldn’t say New England covered me with a corner. I would say they were jamming me on the line with someone who can jam well, and then playing zone behind it. When you have help over the top and then you’ve got a linebacker scraping to help and you’re getting jammed man to man, it makes the picture cloudy of what you’re supposed to do.

The Falcons surely will have their hands full trying to keep Graham covered and out of the line of sight from Brees this Sunday in Atlanta. As for Payton’s plans to ensure Graham stays open, that will be a technique other teams will be observing for future matchups against the top-ranked tight end.