Russell Wilson’s agent wouldn’t let him buy a house until he got a new contract

Courtesy of USA Today

Now that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson will be earning the big bucks under his new $87 million contract extension, he can pretty much buy whatever he wants to.

Speaking as a guest on “The Dan Patrick Show”, Wilson said that he will probably purchase a new home now that he is more financially secure. He also revealed some interesting information about how his agent advised him before signing the monster contract:

“I’ll probably end up buying a house now,” Wilson told Dan Patrick (h/t The Business Insider). “My agent, Mark [Rodgers], would never let me get a house until I signed a deal. So that will be the first thing I get … I was in the renting process. Now I think I can finally buy a home.”

By Wilson’s tone, it still sounds like he may need to check with his agent just to be sure. And, it is probably still taking some time for all of his new found wealth to soak in.

Before the new deal, Wilson was considered to be one of the most underpaid players in the NFL for his accomplishments, including three consecutive playoffs, two Super Bowls, and one championship in his first three years.

As a third-round draft pick, Wilson earned only $2.2 million from 2012-2014. He would have been on course to receive $1.542 million this season if he didn’t sign an extension. Now, he has plenty of money including $31.7 million fully guaranteed to finally purchase a new home.

For now though, all Wilson admitted to purchasing since inking his contract extension was some “new treats” for his two great dane dogs. That likely consisted of some nice prime Kobe or Wagyu beef, I’m guessing.

Photo: USA Today Sports