Russell Wilson Speaks on New Contract: “It’ll All Work Out”

Russell Wilson
Courtesy of USA Today

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson and girlfriend Ciara appeared at the ESPYS in color-coordinated black and burgundy. When asked about his contract situation, Wilson had this to say (via ESPN):

“It’ll all work out.”

“I love Seattle, it’s a great city. I’m going to play my butt off every day. That’s all I know, and we’ll see what happens.”

It was appropriate that Wilson was asked about his contract due to the fact three major contracts for franchise-tagged players were secured on Wednesday.

Additionally, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was also flagged down on the red carpet at the ESPYS and was asked about any progress the team is making on the Wilson front (h/t Seattle Times):

“Well, he’s crucial, as are all of our guys, and we want him back playing for us forever. There’s a lot of work being done. It’s underway right now and maybe it happens, I don’t know. We’re hoping for it.”

As it stands, Wilson and the Seahawks stand light years apart in their negotiations. Wilson wants to be the highest-paid player in the history of the league and is reportedly seeking north of $110 million in total value. The Seahawks, who once stated that they would make Wilson the highest paid quarterback in the league, don’t appear to be holding to that comment.

Fortunately for the Seahawks, Wilson has already agreed to play for the $1.54 million he will make this season. There won’t be any possible holdouts on his side.

Wilson’s salary is peanuts compared all other starting quarterbacks in the league, and the two parties will have to seriously address the situation sometime before¬†next March when Wilson can become a free agent.

Photo: USA Today Sports