Russell Wilson joins other prominent players with a definitive ‘NO’ vote on proposed CBA

Russell Wilson
Courtesy of USA Today

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson joined the likes of Richard Sherman and J.J. Watt in bashing the current proposed CBA between the NFL and NFLPA.

Sending out a tweet Wednesday morning, Wilson praised MLB and the NBA for putting players first. He then made it clear he feels the current proposed NFL CBA is being pushed through, writing, “WE should not rush the next 10 YEARS for Today’s satisfaction. I VOTE NO.”

There sure seems to be a huge divide when it comes to how players are viewing this proposed CBA. The average career is extremely short, and most players aren’t earning the kind of cash Wilson, Sherman and Watt are hauling in. So, for them, stuff like an extra check that could be up to $250,000 for playing a 17th game is a huge deal.

However, guys who are more entrenched in the league and have big contracts aren’t keen on making less for playing more. And there’s an overall notion that the NFL owners are trying to push something through using pressure of new television deals as leverage against the players, with of course the threat of a lockout in 2021 looming in the minds of everyone.

The players will soon be voting on whether to ratify the proposed CBA, which includes an extra playoff game, a lighter tone when it comes to marijuana usage, and more money being spread around overall for players. That said, it could be a week or two before the vote is done.