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Rooting Against Derek Carr? Then You’re Not a Raiders Fan

Scott Gulbransen
Las Vegas Raiders Derek Carr

In a new weekly Monday morning column, our publisher and host of our daily Raider Nation Radio 920 radio show, talks about the latest news about the Las Vegas Raiders.

You Are Either For Derek Carr, or You’re Not A Raiders Fan

It’s really a simple equation: you either are a Raiders fan or you’re not. You either want Derek Carr to do well, or you don’t.

If you’re in the group of people who actively root for the Las Vegas Raiders starting quarterback to underperform then you’re not a Raiders fan.

After Carr’s comments last week about feeling disrespected, the whole feud within Raider Nation was renewed. Those who love Carr blindly can’t admit where he can be better and those who despise the seventh-year pro can’t see any of the positives of one of the leagues’ consistent and talented signal-callers.

If you actively “hate” on Derek Carr and root for him to fail, it’s incongruent with wanting your team to win. This is what I don’t understand about those who are so violently opposed to Carr. If he doesn’t do well, thereby in theory proving them right, the Raiders have another down year and don’t make the playoffs.

Or worse, it means Derek Carr sustained a serious enough injury he must sit out for an extended period of time.

If Derek Carr does well, then the Raiders, most likely, are going to be doing well. That doesn’t mean fans can’t have doubts or have some “prove it” attitude toward Carr. That’s all fine.

Derek Carr has his faults like any player. For the Raiders to hit the next level of their development, and make a playoff run that matters, he’ll have to get better. So will the fans who claim to bleed silver and black yet root against their quarterback.

Maxx Crosby and COVID-19

Last week the Raiders second-year start defensive end Maxx Crosby was placed on the IR list due to a positive COVID-19 test. Posts indicate Crosby is fine and perhaps asymptomatic, although unconfirmed. He’s the biggest name so far to test positive for the Raiders. Free agent running back Devontae Booker also tested positive a few weeks back.

Having taken the COVID-19 test at the Raiders facility last week, it’s very comprehensive and the team and the NFL are wasting no resources to protect players and staff. Players are swabbed each day they are on site and the system appears to be working thus far.

Still, the NFL and each individual team and player need to keep the strict protocols going even as numbers improve. Undoubtedly, we’ll have other positive tests as the season gets underway.

Raiders Defense Under the Microscope

For all the talk about the stockpile of weapons and talent on the offensive side of the ball for Las Vegas, the defense is garnering a lot of attention as we approach more substantive works in Henderson next week.

Last week’s star was Maliek Collins as Gruden’s words of praise rang loudly across the media and fan landscape. While Gruden often praises players, you shouldn’t read much into it. He called Collins the “key” to the defense in 2020. In a way, he is. If new defensive line coach Rod Marinelli can get a lot out of Collins, then the Raiders will be in very good shape.

I, for one, think Collins is a sneak good acquisition. A bit undersized, he plays big and makes big plays on the front. Not always a sack threat, he does create QB pressures including 36 in 2019, to go along with 4 sacks last season too. Those pressures will free up Crosby, Ferrell and whomever else is rushing from the end.

I believe Clelin Ferrell is about to bust out and reach the sort of play and performance you’d expect from a fourth overall pick. If that happens, Crosby is healthy and where he left of last season, and Collins has another good year, this Raiders front can create lots of opportunities for this team and the defense could improve immensly.

Raider Nation Radio Off to Great Start

Launching a radio show is, in itself, not easy. But imagine an entire station devoted to one sports brand – the Las Vegas Raiders.

We got off to a great start last week on Raider Nation Radio 920-AM. The entire staff, on-air talent, program director Kyle Englehart, and GM Natalie Marsh, worked tirelessly to get us on the air. From the feedback from all of you, you’re over the moon about the launch and so are we.

silver and black today raider nation radio 920
Call in and be part of the show Mon-Fri, 2-4pm PT. 702-365-9200

For Q Myers and I, we’re having the time of our lives. Both of us worked hard online first, gaining traction and building out radio shows, brands, etc. No one handed anyone on the station anything. No one rode coattails to get on this new station.

I’m proud to be a part of it and we can’t wait to talk to you each day.