Rodney Hood fined $35,000 for slapping phone out of fan’s hand

The NBA has fined Rodney Hood $35,000 for slapping a phone out of the hand of a fan after he was ejected from Wednesday night’s game.

The Utah Jazz swingman got ejected after an emotional explosion over a play in which he thought the refs should have awarded him a foul. He didn’t get it and blew up, prompting the action to toss him from the game. Then on his way out, a fan appeared to be videotaping him walking towards the tunnel and he knocked it out of his hand.

The fan ended up pressing for police action against Hood after an extensive discussion with Jazz security.

“The fan spoke with Capital One Center security and Jazz security officials for much of the fourth quarter, pressing for police action. While police are unlikely to go after Hood for the interaction, the NBA will probably go after his wallet.”

The NBA did end up going after Hood’s wallet, and in no small way.