Robert Kraft ordered to appear in person in prostitution case

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft has done everything possible to separate himself from the prostitution ring case that led to the Super Bowl champion being charged with two counts of soliciting another for prostitution.

While Kraft has pleaded not guilty stemming from multiple alleged incidents in Florida back in January, the Pats’ owner has let his lawyers do the bidding for him in court.

That’s about to change. The judge overseeing Kraft’s case ordered the owner to appear in court on May 21.

“On Wednesday, the judge said he would make a decision soon that would impact the fate of the video — and set a hearing date for May 21 … ordering Kraft to appear in person,” TMZ Sports noted. “Unclear why he wants Kraft to attend since the hearing is only listed a “calendar call” — which generally just a status update in a case.”

Kraft’s legal team has done everything possible to keep authorities from releasing video evidence of his alleged crimes. Whether this specific hearing has to do with that remains to be seen.

Either way, the 77-year-old Kraft will appear in court for the first time in about three weeks. Needless to say, there’s going to be a pretty large media presence in Florida that day.