Report: Robert Kraft day spa video to be released by prosecutors

Robert Kraft and his attorneys have been fighting to keep the public from seeing video that prosecutors are presenting as evidence that he paid for sex at a Florida day spa.

That fight, apparently, is one they lost. According to the Boston Globe, prosecutors said that they are planning to release said video, per court documents on Wednesday.

“…as the custodian of the records, cannot delay the release of records to allow a person to raise a constitutional challenge to the release of the documents. The Public Records Act does not allow a custodian to delay the production of records to allow the resolution of a constitutional challenge to the release of the documents.”

Kraft, 77, is facing two misdemeanor counts of soliciting another for prostitution. His lawyers have argued against releasing the video because it shows what they describe as essentially “pornography.”

The New England Patriots owner has pleaded not guilty to the charges and has asked for a trial by jury.