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Report: Judge issues protective order against releasing Robert Kraft day spa video

Jesse Reed
Robert Kraft
Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

The infamous Robert Kraft day spa video will remain on lockdown for the foreseeable future, as a protective order has been issued to keep it from going public.

TMZ Sports obtained court documents that show the judge presiding over this case “agreed with Kraft’s attorneys that releasing the police surveillance video to the media would jeopardize the Patriots owner’s right to a fair trial.”

The video might still be released at some point, but not until certain milestones have been reached in the case.

“As a result, the judge’s order says the video cannot go public until the case is over — whether that’s by plea agreement or prosecutors dropping the charges — or once a trial jury is sworn in for the case,” TMZ reports.

The legal team representing Kraft has to be happy about this development, but another hurdle remains. Per the TMZ report, another hearing is scheduled for Friday in which the judge will determine whether any evidence, including evidence from the infamous Robert Kraft day spa video, can be released to the public.

Based on this latest ruling, however, that seems unlikely. The precedent has been set that evidence that could sway any jurors would damage Kraft’s right to a fair trial. Even if it’s not video evidence, releasing specific information from the video could be nearly as damaging.

Kraft, 77, is facing two misdemeanor counts of soliciting another for prostitution stemming from alleged incidents back in January.