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Robert Griffin III’s girlfriend promotes him for NFL job

Rachel Wold
Robert Griffin III

After a brief visit with the Los Angeles Chargers on July 25, free agent quarterback Robert Griffin III still remains unemployed. For this, Griffin’s girlfriend has taken to her Instagram account to promote him for an NFL job.


Note how RGIII’s girlfriend starts out with the famous Tinder lingo, #Swipeleft in her post. This picture shows Griffin working out with a football in an indoor practice facility.

It is good to see Griffin doing his best to stay fit and in football shape, despite the severely dry quarterback market. Perhaps this means he is over feeling scorned which is what he appeared to hint at when he posted a cryptic Tweet late last month (more on that here.)

Nevertheless, Griffin remains a free agent with the preseason kicking off.

Will RGIII actually step foot onto a professional field again? That’s a question legitimately up for debate.