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Panthers receiver Robbie Anderson says he’s thinking about retirement in a now-deleted tweet

Andrew Buller-Russ

It was just two years ago, in 2020, when Carolina Panthers wide receiver Robbie Anderson topped 1,000 receiving yards for the first time in a season since entering the NFL back in 2016. He accomplished this feat with Teddy Bridgewater starting 15 games for the Panthers.

Anderson used to catch passes from Sam Darnold when they were with the New York Jets, but after being reunited in Carolina, the two players couldn’t build on their previous chemistry, with Anderson finishing with 519 receiving yards, a new career low.

Could it be that Anderson has become frustrated with his role in the Panthers’ offense?

Robbie Anderson suggests he’s pondering retirement

The Panthers were a strong bet to improve their quarterback room over the offseason, but they’ve only managed to add Matt Corral to the roster so far. It’s possible Anderson has become frustrated by the lack of action by the Panthers, but we really don’t know why he’s seemingly become upset.

So upset that Anderson actually has threatened to retire, in a now-deleted tweet.

Anderson tweeted “Ain’t gone lie Thinking bout Retiring“, with no follow-up tweets or explanations thus far.

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It’s possible he’s heard of some behind-the-scenes chatter suggesting the Panthers could bring in Baker Mayfield, as he was famously against the idea earlier this offseason. It would create a fascinating story to keep an eye on throughout the year if Mayfield really did join the Panthers, with Anderson still on the roster.

Could the six-year pro cast his preconceived notions aside and make things work with Mayfield? Or would he demand a trade, or even threaten retirement? I’m not sure, but now I’m kind of rooting for the Panthers to take on Mayfield.

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