Rob Manfred: Pedro Martinez, Jessica Mendoza’s dual roles are ‘uncomfortable’

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jessica Mendoza and Pedro Martinez have received criticism from MLB fans for their dual roles as baseball analysts and members of MLB organizations. Now, their dual roles are even being called into question by MLB commissioner Rob Manfred.

In an interview with The New York Post, Manfred admitted that he isn’t pleased with analysts also being employees for teams and the matter is being discussed around the industry.

“No. I’m not all that comfortable with it. I’m really not,” Manfred said, via The New York Post. “But it’s a topic that remains under discussion internally. As you know, it causes a lot of complications, not just on this particular incident or comments, but in general.”

Mendoza joined ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball broadcast team in 2016 was hired by the New York Mets in 2019 for a front-office role. She remained in the broadcast booth, despite her position with the Mets, this past season and recently came under fire for criticizing Oakland Athletics pitcher Mike Fiers after he revealed the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing methods.

Martinez, who works for MLB Network and is an assistant for the Red Sox, went even further. The Hall of Fame pitcher blasted Fiers for his actions and called him a bad teammate. The 48-year-old’s ties to the organization, both as an employee and a former player, call his ability to be objective into doubt.

ESPN is reportedly considering pulling Mendoza from the broadcast booth before the 2020 season. Even if Mendoza is moved into a role away from the broadcast booth, though, the concerns over a lack of Martinez and Mendoza being impartial remains a concern.