Rob Manfred weighs in on Jonathan Lucroy play, catcher collisions

By Michael Dixon
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

MLB commissioner Rob Manfred has offered his two cents on the violent collision between Houston Astros outfielder Jake Marisnick and Los Angeles Angels catcher Jonathan Lucroy.

Manfred noted that the rule was implemented specifically so such collisions can be avoided.

As a result of the play, Lucroy suffered a concussion and a broken nose. Obviously, significant injuries like that are the last thing that anyone wants to see.

That said, plays like that are very tough to judge. A runner has a split second to determine if there’s a way around the catcher or if he has to crash into him, as Marisnick did to Lucroy. It’s often made even more difficult by the fact that the catcher is also moving.

It’s entirely possible that Marisnick will be fined and/or suspended as a result of this play. We can’t really argue if that happens. Manfred is correct that the rules were put in place to avoid such violent plays.

Still, even if Marisnick is punished and even if more rules are put in place, it’s hard to imagine plays like this being completely eliminated.