Rob Gronkowski: “There’s Only One Thing You Can Deflate, Deez Nuts”

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski is apparently fed up with the media’s coverage of Deflate-gate.

Speaking up about how the media hounded him following a charity event he took part in on Wednesday, the charismatic Super Bowl champion had one message for the media.

And one message only.

So yes, he wants us to deflate something other than a football. You can use your imagination there.

Deflate-gate hit the news hard again on Wednesday when Ted Wells Report indicated that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady probably had some involvement in the scandal. Unless you have been living under a rock the past five months, you know exactly what scandal we are talking about.

Gronkowski’s response came a short while after he pretty much refused to address the situation outside of the charity event.

It’s hard to blame Gronkowski here. He was attempting to do some good in the community, only to be hounded by the media.

Photo: USA Today Sports