WATCH: Rob Gronkowski says he wasn’t in his birthday suit in GQ shoot

Courtesy: Instagram

The “Summer of Gronk” is full steam ahead with the tight end gracing both the cover of Madden NFL 17 and GQ Magazine this past week.

Though, the latter has been the topic of some confusion when it comes to whether or not Gronk posed without anything onw while on top of a boat during a photo shoot with supermodel Hailey Clausen. After the famous photo with Gronk appearing in the buff surfaced, he set the record straight during an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Gronk claimed he was wearing a really small speedo that was extremely uncomfortable and tight. He said the camera staff keep urging him to pull it down while they captured photos.

“They had me pull down the speedo like an inch so my crack was showing a little bit.”

TMZ Sports didn’t believe it, so reached out to a representative for GQ to ask about Gronk’s alleged nudity on the shoot.

“Gronk was ‘definitely naked on some parts of the shoot,'” the rep said.

“The info I got is what I gave you.”

They added this.

“Maybe he didn’t want to talk about being naked on Kimmel.”

Kimmel made light of the situation when he asked his cameras to pan in on Clausen’s mirrored sunglasses to see if the reflection would reveal the truth.

Gronkowski again vehemently denied that he was in the buff. And inquiring minds would like to know why Gronkowski is covering himself with what looks like a Jacksonville Jaguars’ logo towel.