Rival report says Packers are not shopping Randall Cobb

By Vincent Frank

It was reported earlier on Wednesday that the Green Bay Packers were openly shopping starting receiver Randall Cobb in the lead up to the NFL’s regular season.

Said report came from none other than former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi and seemed to arrive out of left field.

Cobb might have struggled over the past two seasons, but it’s rather late in the summer for a team with championship aspirations to make a move of this ilk.

Accordingly, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport is countering Lombardi’s report by indicating that the Packers are not shopping Cobb.

We’re not exactly at the crazy part of the NFL calendar. Rival reports coming out at the height of free agency in March is one thing. It happening two weeks prior to the start of the regular season is a completely different thing.

Cobb, 28, has tallied a combined 1,263 yards over the past two seasons. That came on the heels of him putting up north of 2,100 yards in 2014 and 2015.