Richard Sherman: ‘This is basically reality TV, so I guess I’m good for ratings’

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is never afraid to speak what’s on his mind. In addition to his Pro Bowl caliber play on the field, this is what makes Sherman one of the most popular football players in the NFL.

Also, never afraid to take on the NFL, Sherman once again addressed the issues he has with the league during a press conference on Thursday.

Again, he didn’t hold back.

When asked if he was surprised the NFL didn’t fine him for his recent comments following Seattle’s loss to New Orleans on Sunday, Sherman had this to say.

“Not really. I mean, sometimes the truth is the truth, is the truth,” Sherman said, via the Seahawks’official website. “It is what it is. This is basically reality TV, so I guess I am good for ratings.”

Nothing too extraordinary in that, right?

It’s not until Sherman got into the meat and potatoes part of the Q&A that he decided to go off on the league.

“We probably lead the league in NFL apologies. The next day, ‘oh that was a pick route, that was a pick route. It should have been called, it should have been called. It might have cost you the game, but so what?’ It’s too late.”

Now, that’s Sherman putting the league office on blast in a big way. He also put out some sort of crazy theory that the Seahawks are called for more penalties than other teams in order to “level the playing field” because they have a “talented team.”

Seattle was penalized 11 times for 76 yards in last week’s loss to the New Orleans Saints. Over half of those penalties came on the defensive side of the ball. Through eight weeks, Seattle ranks 25th in the NFL with 7.9 penalties per game.

That doesn’t necessarily match up to what Sherman was talking about on Thursday. What do the league’s two-most penalized teams, Jacksonville and Oakland, have to say about this?

In talking about how the rules are slanted to the offense, Sherman continued to spout out against the NFL.

“If you don’t get a completion, they may call roughing the passer because your d-lineman got pushed into the quarterback or his pinky finger grazed his helmet,” Sherman continued. “You know, you might get a roughing the passer, or you may get an illegal contact or you may get a holding.”

While the NFL may take note of Sherman’s comments, it’s unlikely to change the rules anytime soon. More than anything, this could very well continue to put the target squarely on the back of Seahawks defenders. Fair or not, Sherman continuing to make noise of this does place the team in a less-than-stellar situation.

Now, Sherman is not wrong in any way. The rules do benefit offenses. This is evidenced by the absurd passing and receiving stats we’ve seen through the midway point of the season (more on that here).

But Sherman continuing to complain really isn’t going to help matters here. That much has been made obvious in recent years. Take on the NFL, especially when it comes to on-field rules, and you’re fighting a losing battle.