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Richard Sherman stands with JJ Watt against NFL’s CBA proposal

Matt Johnson
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As NFL owners await a vote from players on their proposal for a new collective-bargaining agreement, it appears cornerback Richard Sherman shares JJ Watt’s disdain for the CBA offer.

Sherman, who hasn’t been shy about calling out the NFL, expressed his support for Watt coming forward and encouraged the Houston Texans star to reach out to the team’s player representative in the NFL Players’ Association.

The NFLPA released a memo detailing the benefits players would receive as part of the new CBA proposal. However, the deal also includes giving owners the authority to implement a 17-game season and a 14-game playoff system. Furthermore, players like Watt and Sherman would be paid significantly less for the 17th game each year than they would for each of the first 16 games.

A potential vote on Friday by the players is critical for the NFL. Reports indicate if a deal is rejected, it’s unlikely that we see a new CBA signed before the league year begins on March 18 and that could push negotiations until next offseason. If that happens, the risk of a lockout becomes a realistic possibility with the current CBA set to expire in March 2021.

While NFL owners might hope a vote of approval from the NFLPA is inevitable, the public disdain from the offer among players makes a ratification of a new CBA seem uncertain.