Richard Sherman calls unnamed sources ‘cowards’

Richard Sherman

The Seattle Seahawks have had a drama-filled past several months. It started with the team placing Richard Sherman on the trade block back in March. It then continued with reports of a rift between quarterback Russell Wilson and the rest of the team.

Now, speaking up about the ESPN report, Sherman himself is not holding back.

“He asked a few questions to a few cowardly people,” Sherman said, via USA Today. “And I’ll be calling you cowards if you’re afraid to put your name on it. If you have a comment, if you’ve got something to say, you’ve got something to ask or something and you’re not willing to put your name on it, you’re kind of a coward. But maybe they’re not cowards and maybe these people never existed. Because who knows? You don’t even have to exist. You don’t have to prove anything in this world anymore.”

This comes on the heels of fellow Seahawk Michael Bennett concluding that the ESPN article itself was “gossip,” at which point Seth Wickersham responded.

Anonymous sources themselves are important in a free press. But they have come under attack recently in the larger construct of the media. Though, an argument can be made that individuals should put their name behind such stark criticism. That’s likely what Sherman himself is taking exception with.

“And that’s what I mean when I say there are a lot of TMZ-like media going on because guys like this — nobody is going to ever question him if they come to find out, hey, he could have fabricated this whole story and, I mean, outside of him saying there was an interaction at practice, none of the rest of it was true,” Sherman continued “But heck, what did he have to lose? I think it’s really unfortunate that’s it’s come to that.”

We really have no idea what went on behind the scenes in Seattle. What we do know is that multiple players have now spoken out against a perceived rift. It will surely be interesting what comes of this moving forward.