Rhode Island governor candidate being sued by the Bills, facing arrest

Even in today’s political climate, this is a story that’s seemingly too surreal to be believed. Rhode Island gubernatorial candidate, Giovanni Feroce (R), is being sued by the NFL’s Buffalo Bills after a failed sponsorship agreement. Not only that, a judge has ordered Feroce’s arrest.

The report comes to us from The Providence Journal and is an absolute whopper.

“District Court Judge Joseph T. Houlihan Jr. ordered sheriffs on Tuesday to take Feroce, former CEO of Benrus, into custody and bring him into court because he owes $8,000 to a clothing supplier,” the paper reported.

Said report continued.

“A debt collector for Broder Brothers Company has been trying to collect on a default judgment since last May, and Feroce was ordered to appear in District Court on Tuesday to answer why it hasn’t been paid. When he didn’t appear, the company requested the judge issue a writ of body attachment.”

Feroce is also facing several other ongoing lawsuits, including ones filed by the Bills themselves as well as former employees, vendors and landlords. That’s just to name a few.

Overseeing a jewelry retailer named Alex and Ani, Feroce saw the company take off to the tune of $230 million annual revenue in 2013. He’s since been forced from the job after allegedly failing to make payments to previous owners.

The Iraq War veteran previously held office as a state sentator in Rhode Island from 2012-14. He currently stands no real chance against bigger names in the Rhode Island Governor race. Though, that seems to be the least of Feroce’s worries right now.