Rex Ryan responds to Pete Carroll saying he should ‘coach his own team’

The Seattle Seahawks and Buffalo Bills aren’t traditional rivals. Just don’t tell that to the coach of either team. Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll believes that Rex Ryan should “coach his own team” and not comment publicly on Seattle’s players after the ridiculousness of Monday night’s game (more on that here).

Never one to let someone else get the last word, Ryan has responded.

“Well, as a matter of fact I do coach my own guys and I’m proud of the team that I coach,” Buffalo’s coach said, per Mike Rodak, ESPN. “We haven’t had the results that we shoot for every time but I’m proud of this group and yeah, I have no problem. I do coach my own guys but I forgot, I guess I should have asked Pete when somebody asked me a question about one of his players, I should have asked Pete about the appropriate response I guess.”


Ryan actually missed another crucial point. Seattle’s coaches and certainly players have never been bashful to comment on other players. It seems a little hypocritical for Carroll to get so bothered by Ryan’s words, especially following a win. It may not be entertaining, but it would be very easy for Carroll to say something like, “We’re done with Buffalo and moving on to a very tough road game against the New England Patriots.”

But we’re certainly thankful that neither coach is keeping his mouth. It makes for entertaining banter between two teams that only play once every four years.