Rex Ryan on Deflategate and the Patriots: “I’m not Feeling Sorry for Anybody”

By Vincent Frank

To say that new Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan has long feuded with the New England Patriots and Bill Belichick would be a major understatement.

As the coach of the New York Jets from 2009-2014, Ryan’s biggest rivalry came against the defending champs. While coming up on the losing end more often than not, the competitiveness of the Jets-Patriots rivalry has been among the best in the business during this span.

Still in the AFC East as the Bills head coach, Ryan doesn’t seem to be feeling sorry for the situation the Patriots have put themselves into regarding Deflategate (via

“Last I looked, it’s still the New England Patriots. They won the Super Bowl, right? I mean, that’s the last I looked. To me, we’re focused on getting our team better and I don’t care who we play, who’s in our division or anything else. This is about us,” Ryan said. “I’m not feeling sorry for anybody. We’re going to play.”

Considering the Patriots have earned six AFC championships and four Lombardi’s since Tom Brady took over as the team’s starter in 2000, it’s hard to feel bad for this squad. And if they did cheat, no one is going to shed a tear.

Ryan also concluded that he hasn’t necessarily thought much about the scandal since it broke:

“No matter who’s there, we’re playing the Patriots Week 2, they’re playing us. Belichick’s going to bring his team in and he’s going to have them prepared. And I’ll promise you, I’m going to have our team prepared, as well. So that’s really all I think about it. All the particulars and all that stuff, I really haven’t given any thought to it.”

Considering Buffalo’s offseason moves, it’s readily apparent that expectations are high heading into the 2015 season. Being able to potentially go up against the Patriots without Tom Brady early in the season could be huge for them. Ryan is lying to us if he’s saying he hasn’t thought about that.

Photo: USA Today Sports