Report: Zion Williamson has $8M Loss of Value insurance policy


The basketball world was buzzing on Wednesday when Duke star Zion Williamson was hurt in the first minute of a game against North Carolina.

It seems as though Williamson escaped serious injury. But even in the event that he hadn’t, Williamson would be covered.

“Sources tell The Action Network that Duke paid about $50,000 for an $8 million Loss of Value policy that was written by a company called ISI and backed by Lloyd’s of London, as all loss of value policies are,” Darren Rovell of the Action Network reported. “In the event Williamson got seriously hurt, he would start to collect up to $8 million starting with the 17th pick in the first round of the NBA Draft in June.”

It’s worth noting that there’s virtually zero chance of that policy kicking in. Even if the injury was more serious, it still would be essentially impossible to imagine Williamson falling below No. 16. As it is, he’s still the clear favorite to be the top pick in June’s NBA Draft.

Whether Williamson should return to the court has been a hotly discussed topic since his injury. Obviously, there’s a lot to be said for him sitting out.

Obviously, $8 million is well below what Williamson stands to make in his NBA career. But going forward, a security blanket does exist for him.