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Report: Tony Romo situation ‘isn’t ending any time soon’

Tony Romo has no plans to file his retirement paperwork

The Dallas Cowboys have made it clear they are in no rush to get anything resolved on the Tony Romo front, and a new report indicates it’ll be a long time still before anything happens.

Thankfully Romo’s playing along with this charade beautifully and won’t say or do anything to say he’s upset about the process.

Everyone knows at this point that the Cowboys aren’t likely to lureĀ a team to make a trade for Romo unless he’s given away for relative peanuts. The teams that need a quarterback would have already jumped at the opportunity to make a move if that were a feasible option — especially this year when the upcoming draft is a barren landscape in terms of franchise-caliber quarterbacks.

At this point, it’s been reported that Romo sees his options as either landing with the Houston Texans or retiring. If he chooses the latter, he already reportedly has a couple big-time offers from NFL broadcasting companies to become an analyst.

The Cowboys will have to release Romo at some point. It’s likely they haven’t done it yet because, by waiting, they can string out his dead money rather than take the entire $19.6 million hit all at once this season.

But it will happen eventually unless some team actually takes the bait and offers up something too juicy for Jerry Jones to resist in exchange for the quarterback. But again, that wouldn’t likely happen until that quarterback-needy team had already failed to land a young passer in the draft.

So this story isn’t going away any time soon folks. Believe that.