Report: Tony Romo expects to be released, not traded

By Vincent Frank

There’s going to come to a point here soon when all the rumors swirling around Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will come to an end. He’ll either be traded or released and eventually catch on with another team.

It really is one of the most-interesting stories heading into free agency. What are the Cowboys going to do with their former Pro Bowl quarterback? Will they cater to what he wants and potentially trade him to a contender?

With Romo all but certain to be moving on from the Cowboys, at least one reports now suggests that the veteran expects to be released.

This would be a pure representation of the Cowboys catering to what Romo wants. By releasing him, the team would be taking on a ridiculous $19.6 million dead cap hit. If the team were to trade Romo, that hit would be just north of $5 million.

In today’s quarterback market and with multiple teams looking for a new starter, there’s every reason to believe Dallas could move Romo. In fact, there’s a belief around NFL circles that the team could acquire a second-round pick for the injury-plagued 36-year-old starter.

This report runs contrary to initial beliefs that the Cowboys’ No. 1 priority heading into the offseason was to trade Romo. It would also give him an opportunity to pick and choose where he lands.

Of the teams potentially looking for a starter, both the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans have the best opportunity to contend this upcoming season. The San Francisco 49ers also remain an intriguing option with Kyle Shanahan now in the mix.

Stay turned, this should be fun.