Report: Some NFL teams have Tua Tagovailoa ranked ‘neck-and-neck’ with Joe Burrow

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Burrow is expected by pretty much everyone to be the No. 1 overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft, but could Tua Tagovailoa sneak into that spot instead?

That’s exactly what could happen based on a report from Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, who wrote Wednesday that some teams have ranked the two quarterbacks “neck-and-neck.

“If he hadn’t been hurt, we’d be talking about them the way we did Luck and RG3,” one NFC coach said, per Freeman. “Tua has the potential to be as good as Burrow.”

Another coach said, “I don’t think it’s crazy to say he could be the next Russell Wilson.”

So, there’s plenty of buzz around the league about Tagovailoa being worthy of the top pick. Some of this stems from the way he’s recovered from last year’s season-ending hip injury. Since his surgery, Tagovailoa has done nothing but impress during rehab and is on track to be cleared for football activities on March 9.

Of course, the other side of this same coin is at play. You have to imagine teams are concerned about Tagovailoa’s injury history. So, if all other things are equal, perhaps Burrow wins out in the end.

The Cincinnati Bengals are on the clock, possessing the first overall pick of the 2020 NFL Draft. Most mock drafts have Burrow going to Cincinnati, but the Bengals have other options to consider.

Based on this latest report from the combine, it appears the rest of the league wonders if Burrow’s such a sure thing, after all.