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Report: Some MLB owners ‘perfectly willing’ to shut down 2020 season

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Well this isn’t great news for all you MLB fans out there. As negotiations between the league and the players stagnate, there’s even more evidence that some aren’t completely motivated to get the 2020 season back on.

Buster Olney: Some owners ‘perfectly willing’ to shut down MLB in 2020

Writing for ESPN Sunday morning, Buster Olney shared a stunning revelation: Some owners are “perfectly willing” to just cancel the season altogether. The goal, of course, would be to try and salvage an already brutal financial loss.

“Owners, already damaged by the money losses this year, could be more inclined to dig in and wait out the players, aiming for a lasting reconstruction of baseball’s financial model,” Olney wrote. “The labor fight could go on and on, and by the time it all plays out, it’s impossible to know how many fans, feeling alienated or disgusted, will leave baseball behind once and for all.”

We already know that MLB will lose a ton of money due to lost revenue this year. We also know that some teams have gone to the length of axing minor-league contracts to save a bit of cash.

Will MLB ever recover? That’s a real question at this point. Especially if some owners are willing to abandon their fans this year amid an increasingly ugly negotiation with their players.