Report: ‘Shocked’ Jimmy Butler was in bed when trade went down

Jimmy Butler went from being content to remain in Chicago to being shipped off to Minnesota in a draft-night trade in the blink of an eye.

Though his name had been bandied about in trade talks leading up to the draft, Butler nevertheless was reportedly very surprised when something materialized.

In fact, per Sam Amico, he was in bed relaxing when he found out about the news.

That Butler was surprised is understandable. After all, by some accounts this is a guy who had no interest in a trade to join LeBron James in Cleveland. That Butler was in bed is also not that surprising, being that he’s currently in Paris vacationing with Dwyane Wade, who is no longer his Chicago Bulls teammate.

This is the life of the professional athlete. Trades can come out of nowhere, and often do. Even when you’re on vacation in Paris.