The New York Jets have reportedly given Ryan Fitzpatrick a number of different contract options to choose from, but the quarterback remains absent heading into training camp.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports the Jets have not been idle in their pursuit of re-signing the veteran quarterback.

“The Daily News has learned that the Jets have given the veteran quarterback multiple offers with the hope of bringing back their undisputed leader from a year ago before the start of training camp this week.

“The Jets’ below market value three-year, $24 million offer (that includes $15 million in guarantees) has dominated the conversation for the better part of two months, but the organization has presented at least one other option for Fitzpatrick.”

The one thing missing from this report is the actual offer, which may or may not be fair. Obviously, Fitzpatrick and his agency believe it is not fair, because he hasn’t made any indication that he’s close to coming back. If anything, Fizpatrick is more aloof than ever about a potential return.

The Jets have also been quite public about their willingness to move forward without Fitzpatrick. Geno Smith has been touted by players, the owner and coaches alike, with head coach Todd Bowles saying recently that he could be a good quarterback for the team, with a caveat (more on that here).

But the truth of the matter is that New York won’t make any postseason noise with Smith behind center. With Fitzpatrick, at least the Jets have a chance. And the team has the cap space to make him a viable offer, especially now that Muhammad Wilkerson has been locked up for the foreseeable future.

With these things in mind, it is strange that the Jets have not made more of an effort to cater to Fitzpatrick’s contract demands.

At this point, it seems he’s ready to follow through on his threat to sit the season out if he doesn’t get the offer he feels he deserves. New York would be foolish to let that happen.