Report: Redskins coaching staff ‘never was on board’ with drafting Dwayne Haskins

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: There is a huge rift between the Washington Redskins front office and the coaching staff.

It’s a common story these days, and according to Joe Klatt of Fox Sports, the team’s front office and coaching staff are now clashing over first-round quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

Speaking on this subject during an appearance on the Rich Eisen Show Friday, Klatt said that “the (Redskins) coaching staff never was on board with the selection (of Dwayne Haskins)… there is a rift between the front office, who wants him to play, and the coaching staff.”

Case Keenum has been the team’s starting quarterback since Week 1, and he was horrendous on Monday night against the Chicago Bears. During that game, after Keenum had thrown an awful pick-six in the first quarter, many fans were clamoring for Haskins to replace the veteran.

However, Keenum finished the game, turning the ball over an absurd five times. And since then, head coach Jay Gruden has hinted he has no intention of throwing Haskins into the fire any time soon.

Now in light of this report about the coaching staff clashing with the front office over Haskins even being drafted, all this makes a ton of sense.

For what it’s worth, Gruden is almost certainly going to be fired at some point, either during or after this coming season.