Report: Raiders owner Mark Davis ‘unhappy’ about trade with Cardinals

Raiders owner Mark Davis

The Oakland Raiders did a deal with the Arizona Cardinals in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, sending Arizona the 10th pick to move down five spots.

With that pick, the Cardinals of course selected quarterback Josh Rosen to set themselves beautifully for the future. And the best part for Arizona is that it didn’t cost a king’s ransom (details of the trade here).

According to a report, Raiders owner Mark Davis is not a happy camper about what the team got in exchange.

“The only thing I will continue to harp on will be the compensation [the Raiders] got in the Kolton Miller trade,” John Middlekauff of The Athletic wrote. “I heard from a league source that Mark Davis was unhappy with the return on the trade. Sources say he supported them trading back, he just expected them to get more in trading with a team in desperate need of Josh Rosen. The Raiders had the leverage.”

Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising if Davis were upset. Usually, these types of deals to move up for a quarterback involve quite a bit of draft capital. Compared to some of the big deals we’ve seen in years past, Oakland got the equivalent of a ham sandwich and a soda. And this is magnified even more when you consider what the New Orleans Saints gave up to move up for a non-quarterback, though they did have to move up more than Arizona.

Things haven’t necessarily gone swimmingly since Jon Gruden took over. He’s reportedly taken all power away from general manager Reggie McKenzie, and many of his moves in free agency were questionable, at best. And don’t even get us started about what the Raiders did in the draft.

One wonders how long it will be before Davis has buyer’s remorse after he made Gruden the richest head coach in NFL history. If the Raiders stumble out of the gate in 2018, don’t be surprised if it happens sooner, rather than later.