Report: Police recommend charges against Cardinals’ Chris Clemons

By Scott Carasik

Arizona Cardinals safety Chris Clemons has had charges recommended against him by the Scottsdale Police Department for an alleged assault on a woman outside of a nightclub back in May (via AZCentral).

According to the police reports, Clemons allegedly punched a woman in the parking lot so hard that she fell and hit her head.

Because of the nature of the damage that she suffered, it would not be shocking to see Clemons suspended for a couple of games due to the incident.

In reading reports of the incident, it doesn’t seem like it’s a domestic situation between a couple, but rather a situation where he allegedly blindsided a friend of his girlfriend’s due to an argument between his girlfriend and the woman he allegedly struck.

According to Arizona law, this would classify as a Class 1 misdemeanor for simple assault. The description is as follows:

Class 1 misdemeanor assaults include any actual physical injury. A Class 1 misdemeanor has a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail, a $2500 fine plus surcharges, and up to 3 years probation.

If Clemons is convicted, a big fine and up to six months in jail is the likely scenario.