Report: Patriots add $4.3 million in incentives to Rob Gronkowski’s contract

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski finally has the pay increase he has been waiting for. On Wednesday, Gronkowski and the Patriots reportedly agreed to restructure his contract.

As part of his new contract structure, Gronk will reportedly receive an additional $4.3 million this season.

The Patriots followed a similar strategy in Tom Brady’s revised contract by adding per game bonuses and further incentives to the deal.

Gronkowski’s can now reach a maximum return of $13.05 million from his contract this season, a significant pay raise from what he was set to make this year.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Gronkowski must hit three of four incentives to max out his deal. His revised contract carries $1.1 million bonuses for 70 catches, 80 percent playing time, 1,085 reviving yards and for nine-plus touchdown. He can max out the deal at $3.3 million in

New England makes their tight end happy and also protects itself from a potential long-term contract with a player with a history of injuries and has considered retirement for a while.

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