Odell Beckham Jr. suspension upheld

Odell Beckham Jr. is one of many NFL players who has a lot to prove in a contract year

It took over an hour for the NFL to hold the appeal of the one-game suspension it handed out to New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Reports suggest that the alleged use of homophobic slurs directed at Beckham Jr. did not come up in the appeal hearing in New York City.

While we have no idea whether other factors during and prior to the game played a role in the final determination, we do know that Beckham Jr’s one-game suspension has been upheld:

This isn’t necessarily too shocking.

Remember, the NFL had laid out six different occurrences in which OBJ broke league rules during his heated matchup with Carolina Panthers cornerback Josh Norman this past weekend, three of which he was penalized for.

What it does show us is that the NFL appeals process still has issues. No matter what the powers to be in the league office believe, the process itself still seems heavily tinted in the NFL’s favor.

And no matter our opinion of OBJ’s actions against Carolina and the league upholding his suspension, it will have a major impact on the Giants’ playoff hopes.

New York faces the real possibility of being eliminated from playoff contention. It needs to win out and have other things fall into place to win the NFC East.

Having Beckham Jr. off the field Sunday is a huge blow to the team.

The receiver issued a public apology using his Twitter account and explained why he utilized the league’s appeals process.