Report: No expectation within Heat organization that LeBron James will return

By Vincent Frank

When Las Vegas came out with its first odds to win the 2018-19 NBA title, it was an absolute shock to see the Miami Heat find themselves within the top five.

It’s certainly too early to even look at next year’s NBA odds with the 2018 Finals still taking place between the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Even then, said odds seem to take into account the possibility that LeBron James could very well bolt Cleveland for a reunion with the Miami Heat.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, that’s not even a remote possibility. At the very least, those within the Heat’s front office have no expectation that James will return to Florida.

As James and his Cavaliers look to get back into the Finals against Golden State after falling down 2-0, the focus will soon turn to what his free agent plans might be. It’s not a given that James will return to Cleveland. In fact, suggestions over the past several months seem to tell us an entirely different story.

Even if James were interested in returning to the Heat after a four-year hiatus, the team would have to trim $55 million off its 2018-19 payroll without taking a penny back in order for this to be realistic.

This report comes on the same day that it was noted Chris Paul won’t take less to remain with the Houston Rockets. In and of itself, that makes James to the Rockets extremely unlikely.

Among the teams bandied about as possibilities, the Los Angeles Lakers and Philadelphia 76ers have seemingly gained the most traction. Just don’t expect Miami to join that small group.